Monique and her husband have moved to Vernon, BC and would like to wish everyone well in the equine industry in Alberta and thank every client, coach, official and show manager for all the support over the last years!

History of the Kornerstone Program

There is a rich and varied history of the cornerstone concept. A “google search” of cornerstones will reveal background information and help understand the basis for this program/website name.

Monique believes in the cornerstone concept – building riders and horses from the ground up. That means taking the time to develop the rider, ensuring that the basics of rider position (in each discipline) are continually reinforced. In addition, horsemanship, teamwork and the training of the horse are all essential building blocks in the overall program. This concept may also mean that at some point a rider is ready to move on to another coach and program. Monique believes this is a positive testament to her training – to send a rider on to a higher level of coaching and riding! Monique has become certified in both disciplines of hunter/jumper and dressage, as she firmly believes that flatwork is the cornerstone of all disciplines and dressage training enhances a jumpers’ performance.

Another cornerstone to the success of Monique’s program is teamwork! Monique encourages her more experienced riders to help out the new riders to the program. This includes the parents, siblings and supporters. To this end, a real sense of belonging to a team has developed over the years, something Monique is proud of and continues to nurture.

Lastly, an essential ingredient in Monique's program is humour and fun! Riders and horses alike are both athletes and our sport can be costly at times. There should be an element of fun, regardless of the level of riding and intensity of the competition. In addition, riders should be able to poke a little fun at themselves when things do not go according to plan, as well as appreciating the sense of humour that some of our equine partners display – usually at our expense!

"Riding and competing are life experiences – horses teach us humility, teamwork, how to put in our best effort, a healthy lifestyle and how to win and lose gracefully; skills that enable all of us to be successful in all aspects of our lives!"